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Manners At The Dinner Table

When I was growing up, (I’m 59 now), manners were instilled in us at a very early age.  I was taught to say thank you, even if I didn’t like the meal I was served.  I remember this one time when I was about 12 years old,  I was invited to my friends home for dinner and they were serving fried eggplant.  I had never had fried eggplant before, but it didn’t look tasty that’s for sure.  I was raised that I had to at least try it and do my very best to finish, but I didn’t have to have seconds.  I also was told never to say bad things about someone else’s cooking – just thank you was enough. Well I was able to finish my plate, it actually didn’t taste that bad after all and today I love fried eggplant.


Love notes

   Now that I’m married to the love of my life, Scott, I write him notes too.  I started with a cute little note I’d put on his  pillow when I’d leave for work so he’d see it when he got home from work. Just a reminder to him that I loved him and he was the best husband ever.  This is a pic of us on our wedding day, December 18, 2010.  I believe it’s very important to tell people how you feel, especially the people you love.  Notes are great because they are permanent.  You can hold them in your hand and re-read them over and over whenever you want.  Phone calls, texts, and emails are nice, but they don’t compare to the written note. Notes show the recipient that you took the time to write down your thoughts on paper so that your recipient can have forever.


The Power of Notes

I firmly believe in the power of notes, especially to your loved ones. I am a writer, mommy, grandma, and wife. I raised two amazing children, Max and Renée, and I showered them with notes. It all began when they were very young. I wrote them each encouraging notes and put them in their rooms as a surprise. They loved looking in their lunch boxes when they were at school and finding their daily note. The note would be a reminder of what they needed to remember or do that day and I would always close with an “I love you, Mommy”.


Welcome everybody!

  Hi everybody! Welcome to my brand new blog! It’s called Notes By Leslie and it’s all about the power of notes – how they can change lives, fun and inspiring stories of how I raised two wonderful children, the importance of manners, and I even throw in some of my most favorite recipes to share with y’all. Life is fun, enjoy every moment!