Scott’s Delicious Lobster!!!

My grilled lobster tail all ready for eating!!


Here’s the pic of my lobster tail after my super chef hubby Scott grilled them – oh my goodness, he drenched them in butter and added some seasoning and they were absolutely delicious!  Food heaven for sure! And…as I was writing this post, he just sold ANOTHER car!  So I guess we’ll have to have another celebration dinner!  Woo hoo!  Wonder what he’s going to create for us this time?  Something super yummy as always!  I’m one lucky lady to be married to such a fantastic hubby!


Celebration Lobster Dinner!!!

Huge lobster tails for dinner!

My super salesman hubby has sold 16 cars so far this month so we decided it was time to celebrate and what better way than with a lobster dinner!  I picked up two huge lobster tails at the store – together they weighed almost 2 pounds!



Happy New Year 2018!!!

Wow, it’s 2018!  So much to celebrate and be grateful for! What a blessed year 2017 was – me and my wonderful hubby moved into our dream home, my daughter became a mommy, my son and his wife and their daughter came to visit, my stepson and his girlfriend came to visit, I made new friends with my new neighbors and I got to ring in the new year with my 12 week old grandson!  I want to wish everybody the best year ever and for everyone to have all their wishes come true.  Cheers!!!


Jay wanted his grandma – me! :-)

              Grandma to the rescue


The other day, my daughter called and wanted me to come over and help her with the baby.  When I arrived, baby Jay was wearing his grandma shirt.  He knew what he wanted – his grandma.  And I couldn’t be more happy to be there with him too!

I just love being a grandma, I am truly blessed!



Our New Home!!!

Our new home! September, 2017

We finally did it!  We moved into our new home!  Our dream has always been to live near our children and grandbabies and our dream came true this year. We even have our garden out back that we’ve wanted for forever.  Life is so much fun!  Woo hoo!!


August 14, 2017 – Monday

We got a response from our counter offer today.  It was pretty good, almost everything we wanted, so we countered their counter and now we’re anxiously awaiting their response.  I so hope they say yes!


My New Doo

I did it, I cut all my hair off.  The defining moment came when I burned my forearm pretty bad with my curling iron.  I haven’t been to a beauty parlor in a very long time, about 10 years or so.  My good friend Carmen referred me to her hairdresser and wow, she was great!  I love my new doo 🙂

My new doo 🙂




Renée Passed!!!

Renée 30-31 weeks…..L.C.S.W.  🙂

My super smart daughter Renée Jeanne did it!  She passed her license exam on her very first attempt!  She is now a licensed clinical social worker!  I am so very proud of her!  Definitely, the very best thing that happened today!!!


August 11, 2017 – Friday

The best thing about today was coming home to my hard working hubby.  We were watching a movie together when all of a sudden we got a tremendous thunderstorm – the kind that make you glad that you are home and all cozied up on the couch. I am so grateful for my life and for my family – I have the best husband ever!


Great Things

I decided I was going to write down, what the best thing was that happens every single day. It’s a good plan to be grateful and I wanted to be sure and remember all the great things about my life.  So….today, the best thing that happened to me was that our house is one step closer on being sold!  We got an offer the other day and we are going to make a counter offer.  I really hope our buyers agree and we can start our new adventure down close to my daughter and son in law and their new baby Jay that’s due in October!  Fingers crossed!